Advocacy Services

Letter Campaigns


Write to your local legislators to influence government officials and build support for your campaign or cause. We provide the platform that makes it simple and easy to draft a petition, or send 10s, 100s, or 1000s of letters to bring awareness and attention to your campaign.

Workshops, Town Halls, & Legislative Meetings


Further your campaign through educational workshops, town hall meetings, and constituency visits with elected officials. We facilitate the development of schedules, communication, and media coverage. 

Legislative Tracking


Track and monitor legislation relevant to your interest or campaign in real-time. 

We provide timely reports, and recommendations for viable and strategic course of action.


For perspective on the bills we are closely monitoring follow

 "The Q by Tarlau" and "Tarlau's Take"

our weekly legislative blog and get real-time updates on the legislation we are tracking.

QED is committed to providing a service that assists citizens in understanding legislation and the legislative process, lobbying rights, best advocacy practices, solutions for success in passing or defeating legislation, and a data-informed approach to drafting, promoting, and implementing effective policy.